If you’re looking to start a new company, expand the capabilities of your current business or simply supplement your income with something extra on the side, one of the first things you’ll need is a website. But where to start?


what is ecommerce?

Short for electronic commerce, it’s essentially shorthand for buying and selling goods and services over the internet. If you’ve ever ordered shopping online or sold anything on Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, then you’ve participated in ecommerce.


Front End UX,

Working side by side with our creative team, we’ll find natural breakpoints within the content and prioritise functionality, removing unnecessary assets so your site responds seamlessly to different devices.

Our Shopify web developers will build your Shopify store with user-focused design and functionality. So, not only will it be visually pleasing, your site will be simple to use and seamless to navigate.

The best E-Commerce stores are built from the ground up, with careful consideration of features and functionality. Wherever possible, our ecommerce web design services will aim to improve and streamline the backend setup to add efficiencies to your business.

We develop online stores that are completely tailored to your business needs and user preferences. When the sales roll in and you’re ready to grow, the Shopify platform will make scaling your shop simple.

makes us
good at


Expert Media develops websites with custom functionality to meet your needs. We take pride in coding backend solutions that act as the unseen backbone to your website.


We test, tweak and optimise websites to ensure the most seamless experience, regardless of the user’s device.


Since Shopify is a hosted platform, you won’t have to worry about server hacking, security breaches or server maintenance.


From SEO tools to E-Commerce analytics, your Shopify site will come with a suite of in-built marketing tools to help you drive sales.

Fully Mobile

60% of all searches are done on mobile devices, if your site isn’t mobile ready Google won’t display it. All of our sites come built mobile ready and are fully responsive to accommodate not only phones but tablets too. Not only that – our sites also work with all web browsers.


Our Recent Client Projects

Ask Us Anything

That depends on you, however we have a standardised process which usually takes 8 weeks to deliver a full website.

You will have a dedicated Web Build Manager assigned to your site. They will be your contact from start to finish – helping you achieve the perfect site.

Yes – upon completion the site will be yours.

Yes, if you’re happy with your site as it is, or just want to make a few changes, we can give you a full analysis of what needs to be changed on your current site.

What we can provide.

Dealing only with Dental Practices, we’ve learnt a lot! We can provide you a full website for your Practice without you having to sit down for hours on end and type up content for each page.

Our specialist team can do this all in-house. Saving you time and we all know that time is money!

The only information that is required from you is about your staff and your Practice. We can provide everything else.

The content is tailored to you.

It depends what you want but our prices start from £499.

We work with all marketplaces specially Dental Practices, in fact, we would go as far as saying we are specialists in the industry!

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